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It’s a key feature to any modern handheld, yet it doesn’t work, at all. This is very important to us and for the brand we are striving to build here. Sadly, that’s due to a mass-market of products that have poor customer service and consoles that are not fully functioning out of the box. Shipping, taxes, and discounts will be calculated at checkout. Below that is an analogue stick, a good quality one at that, and it even has L3 functionality. Playing the GameCube is impossible on this thing, so we wouldnt even recommend trying it. Big 3D games like Sonic Adventure 2 performed nicely, though admittedly at times you’ll feel it slow down slightly and notice cracking in audio, but this didn’t last long. | Refund Policy The ZPG Pro shined a light on what the market is missing and what’s wrong with the products coming out of China. Best built thus far for an OGA clone. Buy the features you need now, yet easily add practically any feature you can imagine, whenever you want "" right in your own facility. New companies may even rise up to tackle Nintendo and Sony! Handhelds that came out a year ago, for far cheaper, have the same specs as this. There is never a need to send the device back to a service depot. We finally have one of those units, and well… we’re incredibly disappointed. But it’s an important topic to us, so we thank you for taking the time to read our thoughts and appreciate any feedback that you have for us. It comes down to personal preference and the fact that we fell in love with the RG350M 6 months ago. It came pre-installed with EMULEC which was nice; this is a simple way to manage your games, and it puts them all in an easy-to-organise library. Swap scan engines to support new types of barcodes. Put this in the advertising and sit back while the cash rolls in.”. We’ve been reviewing handhelds from China for years now. Don’t get us wrong, the ZPG Pro metal edition is a great looking handheld. After contacting the support team, they said to research it ourselves and possibly change the firmware. Categories. 0. 4) RAM:1GB LPDDR3-1600. For those of you that haven’t heard the name, it’s a retro handheld that we’ve been wanting for some time as it has received very high reviews in China over the last couple of months. Screen Resolution: 320 x 480 . This could just be our unit as we’ve seen this happen before, but for us, this was the cherry on top of the badly made, mouldy, half-working cake. Ok, so it might need new firmware, but don’t send it out as a finished product if half of the buttons don’t work. Retro Game Console Reviews. How these sellers can get away with shipping out half-working handhelds is beyond us. Introducing the Workabout Pro 4, the mobile computer with the flexibility you need to meet your requirements, today and tomorrow. We are harsh with our reviews for a reason; if it’s not a pleasant experience straight out of the box, we knock points off the final score. With the PSP, however, it did start to struggle. Surprisingly, the Dreamcast games played impressively well. Now let’s talk about the ZPG Pro, and why we’re not happy with it. After contacting support, they said “it should work in a future update”. The more we accept things as being “okay”, the more companies will pump out “okay” handhelds. It also came pre-loaded with thousands of ROMs, which they aren’t really allowed to do, but laws in China sometimes let them get away with it. ABXY is fine, even though some say the Y button sits too close to the screen. And because of this, we feel it’s time to speak up about one of the main issues surrounding the retro handheld market in China. And we figured a premium product would at least work…. Console Name: Z-Pocket Game Pro (ZPG PRO), Screen Display: 3.5 inch Full Viewing Angle with OCA Tempered Glass Screen Lenses, CPU: Quad-Core Cortex-A35 CPU, Frequency up to 1.5GHz, Mali-G31MP2 GPU, support OpenGL Es3.2, Vulkan 1.0, OpenCL 2.0. And by the time they get back to you, you have already solved the problem. On the right-hand side you have your power button, and on the left side, your volume buttons. We don’t just have the plastic version either; we decided to upgrade and buy the metal variants. Adaptable for Tomorrow. That’s like buying a car and saying “oh the handbrake doesn’t work. The ZPG Pro only charges to 50% capacity. We're a team of passionate gamers and nostalgic hunters who want to create a modern, hip hub for all things retro gaming. They literally knew about the problem and shipped it out anyway, disregarding any customer feedback. Tag: zpg pro best handheld. It’s really sad to see this market turning into a misleading and uninspiring place to purchase products, but companies are getting away with it. Likewise, if we have to do hours of research to find out how the Dreamcast emulator can run Sonic at 25 FPS, we will knock points off. How the team behind this didn’t test the HDMI out is beyond us. But this means that these companies can get away with giving poor service time and time again. It might work in a couple of months time, so stick with it”. The majority of the N64 games we tested worked well too, with only a few frame rate drops on big 3D games and the odd crash. (need to copy your own roms), Battery: 2830mah Lithium Polymer Battery with life up to 6+ hours, Accessories: 64GB SD Card, USB Type C Charging Cable, Quick Manual Guide. The 3.5″ screen is perfect, and we love the curved glass edge that meets the metal shell. Many companies are letting it slide and saying that their devices can, but they provide a very poor gaming experience and sometimes require hours of research to change settings in order to squeeze an extra 5 frames out of the mix. The analogue stick would only move 50% each way, meaning our characters would walk instead of run. A public response to the foot-made ZPG drama 16 Aug 2020. | Privacy Policy Equipped for Today. | Terms of Service. … This cost us £114, which is equivalent to $146. It has become the norm within the industry to lie about what games these handhelds can emulate. This generation of Chinese retro handhelds isn’t quite ready for it yet. It either plays Dreamcast games very well, or it doesn’t at all. 90% of the handhelds that we have held in our hands have been purchased out of our own pocket, because that way, we get an idea of how these companies support us if we have a problem. This is simply another handheld by a new maker that wants a piece of the pie. Surely nothing else can go wrong… can it? Console Name: Z-Pocket Game Pro (ZPG PRO) Screen Display: 3.5 inch Full Viewing Angle with OCA Tempered Glass Screen Lenses. The only thing that you can do is to seek out the content creators and websites that you trust who cover these handhelds and hope that they are giving you solid advice and not trying to get a quick buck through affiliate programmes. (These were all Japanese games, by the way). 3.5″ Full Viewing Angle Display (320 x 480), 2830MAH Batter (up to 5 hours battery life). Why bother with customer support when they can just expect us to go to someone else who has also had problems with their handheld to support us by fixing our handheld? That is not a small price, but we took the risk as we didn’t like the look of the plastic version. The modular design of the Workabout Pro 4 lets you start with the features you need today, and upgrade to new features at any time, simply by switching modules. These are actually some of the best volume buttons we’ve felt on a $100’ish handheld. It’s absurd, and it’s why we had to write this article so that we can try to bring about some kind of change. Shipping Policy The ZPG Pro is an “okay” product, so we can’t recommend it. We need to stop buying the “okay” handhelds with no customer service and support the companies who are making great products with an actual support team. Post author By Rachel; Post date August 22, 2020; ZPG Pro comes out in the wake of Powkiddy RGB10. As mentioned previously, we picked up the metal ZPG Pro. 6) MicroSD card slot: Original 64GB, maximum support 512GB TF card. ZPG Pro Review- RK3326 Game Console AGAIN. The worst part, however, is that this method is working. It’s as if the companies behind these handhelds load one game, and if it gets to about 10 FPS they say “Yep, that can emulate it. While writing this, we’re not sure how this article is going to feel, because we need to talk about the ZPG Pro and the problems that this market is facing, so apologies if it feels a little scattered and off-topic at times. It feels nice in the hand, the screen is stunning, and it’s incredibly portable. Thee D-PAD is nice and sticks out enough to be easily pressed. That is not a small price, but we took the risk as we didn’t like the look of the plastic version. Normally will take at least 10 days to 15 days and may cause any delay due just like currently the Covid 19 / restriction of import & export countries for transit / shortage of flight etc. They shipped us a half-working product for $140 and told us to wait for features and do some research in order to fix the analogue stick/battery problem.

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